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in california. he's announcing the establishment of the caesar chavez national monument. tomorrow, the president will hit the campaign trail in ohio. also right now, crews are searching for a missing virginia teenager. from chopper 4, you can see the search crews gathering. searching for brian glen in fairfax help fairfax. the 17-year-old vanished last monday. surveillance video shows him buying doughnuts and walking into a parking lot that morning. >>> this morning, police are trying to figure out what led to a brawl between two wedding parties at a philadelphia hotel. the fight ended with one man dead, several people injured and at least four people arrested. nbc's francis cohen reports. >> reporter: it was anything but bliss on this be wedding night in philadelphia. guests of two separate wedding parties duking it out. >> is was watching. >> it was out of hand. >> reporter: that's the voice of 15-year-old max. a guest at the hotel. he witness the wild brawl and recorded it on his cell phone. >> yeah, they just started punching each other. >> reporter: police said 75 to 100 people were fighti
in the back seat of an f-15 that broke the sound barrier more than 30,000 feet above california's mojave desert. the plane is quite different than the experimental rocket he took on that historic flight october 14th, 1947. 65 years to the minute. >>> we'll check in again with tom kierein, find out about our forecast. when the rain will come. >> are we talking any record numbers as you're out on that weather deck? >> i don't think so. just some light rain. you can hear the wind blowing. we have gusts swirling the leaves around. winds are gusting around 20 miles an hour. so we've had just a few sprinkles in washington over the last hour or so. there is the cloudy sky over the nation's capital on this monday morning, the 15th day of october. and radar showing an air of rain. generally light rain. more moderate along the blue ridge and into warren and parts of clark county getting moderate showers. and then louden county, a little light rain there. as well as around just east of washington, eastern prince georges and around anne arundel. but elsewhere, just clouds and we're in the mid and up
before landing in her backyard. 61-year-old lisa found the space rock saturday in california. weber says the rock hit her roof wednesday but didn't think anything of it till she read that debris from the meteor could be found in her area. scientists confirm the rock was part of the meteor shower that streaked across the try above the san francisco bay area just last week. scientists are now searching the area for other space rocks. what's it like to sky dive from 24 miles above earth's surface? the only man who has done that is describing his experience. felix baumgartner opened up about his record setting jump this morning on the "today" show. he said he had to use his year of experience sky diving to gain control after beginning to spin out of control. baumgartner spent five years training for this jump. amazingly, he said he didn't enjoy it till it was over. >> i was standing on top of the world. you realize everything around is hostile and i thought, i have the privilege to stand where nobody else will stand before. you step off along the way. >> did you enjoy it at all? >> honestly,
at the california science museum. it almost looked like a parade as people lined the streets to see the shuttle move at 2 miles an hour down the streets. to prepare, the city had to cut down 400 trees and dismantle dozens of stop ligs to make sure it can squeeze on through there. the shuttle will come within inches of a building. at some point, the shuttle will arrive at the museum tomorrow evening. barbara, as for today, it's going to manchester into englewood and will take a stop at the famous l.a. landmark, randy's doughnuts. they have a special thing going on there. they'll have a space shuttle inside randy's doughnuts. for the gold star here on friday, as we are talking the space shuttle moving at 2 miles an hour, how fast does a space shuttle usually travel? >> um, let's see -- 17,500 miles per hour? >> wow, you did your homework on that one. wow? >> am i right? wait a minute, am i right? >> that was the right answer. you did your homework. >> wow. that was a good guess. okay. thanks so much. thank you. >> you are incredibly smart. the mars land rover curiosity made a familiar find. while test
against coach at a youth football game in california. take a look at this video a parent posted online of a coach charging and tackling a rival coach. things got out of control. people tried to step in causing more fights. no word this morning on why one coach went after the other one. >>> a sigh of relief for redskins fans. rookie quarterback robert griffin iii will play against minnesota. he took part in a full practice and felt no ill attacks of the mild concussion he suffered against the falcons. griffin says he is ready to play, but he'll be evaluated daily and has not been cleared for contact. he's learned he needs to work harder to keep himself safe. >>> every year, millions of people suffer from back pain or injuries. exercise can reduce your chances of injuries. fitness expert steve hayes is here to talk about the importance of strengthening those back muscles. i have back problems. >> so do i. >> it's called i get back in the bet. >> yeah. that's pretty good. >> first, you started in the gym this week. >> yeah. >> let's look at some of the exercises you did in the gym and wha
to the public within a decade. nevada, california and florida approved similar bills. >> police are stepping up patrols in bethesda after an assault happened. the capital crescent trail near brookway drive. the 21-year-old woman was knocked unconscious and draped into the woods. she woke up with a serious head wound and found her way back to the trail. another jogger helped the woman to call 911. news 4 spoke with the homeowner. >> she wasn't crying. she wanted the paramedics to be here right away. i always said, they are coming, they are coming. >> the victim is in serious but stable condition. police are not releasing any word on who she is or exactly what her condition is at this time. >> new york city police are trying to figure out why a d.c. sniper was mentioned in a note left at the scene of a pregnant woman's murder. they found the note under her body. someone stabbed the mother of four to death a day before she was supposed to get married. a note that more pregnant women will be killed if he's not released from prison. they doubt he had anything to do with the murder. they may have use
the bulldog puppy from california. you can hear them or the other one. jack jr. is joining jack as the bulldog mascot in training. the trainers are here this morning to tell us about the transition going on. let's first tell the people right here, this is jack. >> that is jack. >> it's been the mascot for the last nine years. and this is jack jr. >> this is j.j. >> how is the transition been going? >> wonderful. j.j. is a hit on campus. everyone wants to pet him. >> everyone wants to be the new kid on the block and he is the new kid on the block. >> jack has been the mascot since 20036789 he had a leg injury? >> yeah. he tore his acl. he wasn't allowed to do a lot of hard -- even walking upstairs he wasn't able to do. they decided to integrate j.j. at the same time. >> what is the biggest thing j.j. needs to learn from jack? >> there's definitely a -- when you are as famous as they are you need to be patient and controlled in crowds. his first appearance was midnight madness. he loves balloons. there's a sense of control he will learn as he matures. jack is good at it. >> has jack shone a litt
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7